.ORG of the Year: A Different Kind of Year and a Different Kind of ORG

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by Laurie Tarpey, CFO, PIR

I switched to the non-profit sector because I wanted my company’s work to engage my heart as well as my mind. Seven years later, I’ve been privileged to serve with non-profits that serve the poor and vulnerable, nurses and the nursing profession, and students seeking equity and integrity in the college admissions process.

Currently, I serve as the CFO of .ORG, a non-profit serving the mission-driven community as a trusted, exemplary domain registry; and as a board member of a national nonprofit that seeks to make quality child care accessible and affordable for all. At times I’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by my colleagues’ dedication. And there are so many worthy causes, so many dedicated people, driven to change their corners of the world, one mission at a time! Too often, mission-driven organizations work with outsized hearts but meager resources and recognition. That’s why we’re so excited to award top recognition and prize funds to the .ORG that stands out among its worthy peers!  

I hope that you will join us in celebrating the 2020 .ORG of the Year at the 10 Days of .ORG beginning November 30th. Learn more by visiting

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