Working Together to Fight Hunger and Poverty

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by Daphne Archilla, Senior Director Registry Services and Customer Operations, PIR

According to, the food insecurity rate for American households with children is 13.9%. Over 37 million people struggle against hunger, and over 38 million lived in poverty-stricken situations just a few years ago.

Globally, low-income families make ends meet and have just enough to survive, sometimes sacrificing meals in order to keep a roof over their and their family’s heads. What’s worse is how these conditions affect innocent children. Some kids’ families don’t have enough to pay for school fees, buy books, or provide proper clothing.

These facts have touched those of us in the .ORG Community and motivated us to take action and work to help those in need. As an employee of PIR and one of the people behind .ORG, I’ve provides support to organizations that are focused on fighting hunger and poverty on a national and international scale. Those in poverty have decreased opportunities, access and safety. This – along with the inability to feed yourself or your children – can dominate a person’s life. If all of these issues could be solved, the world would be a better, happier, and more equal home for us all. I believe that everyone deserves the right to a quality life, and my volunteering with  and providing donations to various organizations has helped to support that belief. 

I’m proud to say that PIR’s 2020 .ORG Impact Awards will honor this cause as well in the category of Fighting Hunger and Poverty. I encourage you to tune into the 10 Days of .ORG online celebration beginning November 30th and cheer for the .ORGs that are being globally celebrated for their dedication to raising poverty awareness, feeding those who are unable to feed themselves, and helping those in need. Visit for more information.

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