Everything you need to know to nominate a deserving .ORG.


Everything you need to know about submitting an entry for the 2020 .ORG Impact Awards!


Everything you need to know about the rules and regulations associated with the award program.


Make sure to know these important OIA dates and deadlines!

Nominations OpenThursday, June 18th
Nominations CloseWednesday, September 9th
Judging BeginsMonday, September 14th
Finalists AnnouncedTuesday, October 13th
Day One: Combating CoronavirusMonday, November 30th
Day Two: Promoting EducationTuesday, December 1st
Day Three: Outstanding VolunteerWednesday, December 2nd
Day Four: Championing Equality, Equity, and InclusionThursday, December 3rd
Day Five: Innovation Friday, December 4th
Day Six: Advancing Environmental SustainabilityMonday, December 7th
Day Seven: .ORG Newcomer of the YearTuesday, December 8th
Day Eight: Fighting Hunger and PovertyWednesday, December 9th
Day Nine: Promoting a Safer InternetThursday, December 10th
Day Ten: .ORG of the YearFriday, December 11th

Share your outstanding achievements as a member of the .ORG Community


Community Validation

Proudly show the world how your .ORG is helping your community! Build support, generate funding, and rally others to your cause. Serve as a shining example to others who are striving to make the world a better place.

Community Validation

Digital Opportunities

Shine the spotlight on your work across variety of .ORG platforms throughout the year, including videos, articles, social posts, and more! Our new 10-day awards format focuses more attention on award finalists and winners than ever before.

Digital Opportunities

Raise Your Profile

Open up opportunities for more partnership development, talent acquisition, and wider audience reach. Let the world know about all the amazing work that you’re doing — and the incredible impact you’re having on the communities you serve.

Raise Your Profile

Prestigious Award

Proudly display your custom .ORG Impact Award and dedicated digital logo mark and let the world know that your .ORG is among the world’s best.

Prestigious Award

Substantial Donation

Winning .ORGs can receive up to a $30,000 USD contribution to the non-profit charity of their choice. We’ve significantly increased the donation amounts this year to help you make an even bigger impact. Public Interest Registry reserves the right to approve charitable donations.

Substantial Donation

Questions and Answers


What are the .ORG Impact Awards?

The .ORG Impact Awards is a global awards program to recognize and celebrate individuals and organizations that have a connection to a registered .ORG domain for their contributions, achievements and impact they have made in their communities.

Who can enter?

The .ORG Impact Awards is open only to individuals who are at least 18 years old and have permission to nominate the individual or entity that uses or has a connection to .ORG domain. Employees of Public Interest Registry and any of its parent and affiliate companies, as well as the immediate family and household members of each such employee are not eligible to nominate individuals or entities or be considered as a nominee for any award. For more on eligibility please see the official rules for more details.

Is the program open to individuals and organizations from all countries?

The .ORG Impact Awards is a global program subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and is void where prohibited. For this reason, eligibility varies and participation is not available in some countries. For more on eligibility per country, please see Section 1 of the official rules for more details.

How do I participate?

Visit https://orgimpact.awardsplatform.com and follow the links and instructions to complete and submit the online form. For official eligibility criteria and rules of The .ORG Impact Awards program, as well as submission requirements, deadlines and judging information, please download the .ORG Impact Awards Entry Kit.

How many times can I submit a nomination?

There is not an official limit to the number of entries and a nominator may submit nominations for all categories; however, each submission must be unique. The sponsor reserves the right to modify the award category selected as necessary if it believes that the content of the nomination fits better in a different award category.

What time period should my entry cover?

Activities highlighted in your submission must have occurred between June 1, 2019 and June 1, 2020. If an activity began before June 1, 2019 or extends beyond June 1, 2020, it will be eligible so long as some meaningful actions occurred between the two dates.

Is there a word count?

Yes; written responses are required for each award category. There is a 500-word limit for each question.

Will any of the information I provide be made public?

Yes; nominations may be featured in various .ORG digital platforms throughout the year, including articles, videos, social posts, and more. Please see official rules for more details on the use of submissions and publicity.

What happens after I apply?

After the end of the nomination period, all entries will be vetted by a Review Panel and 10 entries will be selected to move to a judging phase where a panel of qualified judges determined by Public Interest Registry will score each submission against the judging criteria outlined in the program’s official rules. Based on the award categories there is a slightly different set of criteria for various awards. Please see Section 7 of the official rules for more details on the judging criteria.

When will the winners be notified?

Winners will be announced publicly online throughout the 10-day online .ORG Impact Awards experience, which will run between November 30th and December 11th, 2020. Both winners and finalists will be notified on or about October 12th, 2020 so that digital and video content featuring them can be produced for the online event.

What are the winners awarded with?

Winners will receive a custom award and the ability to select a non-profit or NGO organization of their choice to receive up to a $30,000 contribution (depending on the award category). Nonprofit entrants are welcome to select their own nonprofit as the beneficiary of that donation. Individuals, for-profits and community groups are welcome to select any nonprofit they believe in to receive the donation. Public Interest Registry reserves the right to approve any charitable donations.

.ORG of the Year – $30,000 USD

Combating COVID-19 Winner – $15,000 USD

All Other Category Winners – $5,000 USD

More importantly, we hope recognition through The .ORG Impact Awards will help raise the profile of your .ORG and provide additional validation to your programs. Additionally, winners will have the opportunity to:

A. Be featured extensively online during the OIA 10-day event in Fall 2020

B. Use a dedicated .ORG Impact Awards logo mark in promotional materials;

C. Be featured in various .ORG digital platforms throughout the year, including articles, videos, social posts, and more.

What is the format of the awards program?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the OIAs will move from a traditional in-person celebration event to a 100% online event that will span 10 days over a 2-week period. Each day will be dedicated to a specific award category and feature a variety of digital content and experiences throughout. Winners will be announced daily in video format.

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